A Boy Takes A Homeless Man’s Coffee… He Can’t Stop Laughing After What Happens Next.

Watch what happens when this homeless man gives up his cup of coffee, not really knowing what to expect…

Rough translation:
Boy: Can I take that for a while? Look, you’ll see what will happen.
Boy: You have to concentrate on coffee, Watch…
[coins fall out of cup]
Homeless man: Ohhhhh!! [laugh]
Boy: It’s for you
Homeless man: [laugh] Thank you!
Homeless man: [laugh] Jeez! How you did it? I’ve lived 55 years, and I’ve never seen magic like that.
Homeless man: [laugh] Thank you so much! Tell me, how you did it!?
Boy: It’s magic, I’m a magician :), take care!

Credits: whynotlaugh, lifebuzz

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