I'd FREAK OUT If A Police Officer Approached My Car And Did This! No Way!

Thanks guys but don't forget there are people out there that do appreciate what you do and believe you do help the people.

Being pulled over by a cop is the last thing anyone wants. And for many people, just the sight of a law officer is enough to make them nervous and uncomfortable. In Quincy, California, a couple of officers decided to give the public a little break from these anxiety-ridden moments with a little help from something sweet. I won’t give it away, but I will say, I’d love for these guys to pull me over!

With all the terrible headlines these days, it’s nice to see a lighthearted video that brightens up the barriers between officers and citizens.

Credits: Petflow
This is too cool. If only all police officers were as thoughtful as these two, maybe their reputations would improve & we would hear about so much police brutality.