Some People Came Out With A Cool New Kind Of Poster. When You Hang It, People Cry From Happiness.

I was just a little disturbed by the fact that I only saw black homeless people and only white people helping them. Homelessness doesn't have a color, neither does charity. It doesn't take away from the good work that is happening though; I can only hope that this becomes more widespread in America.

Many different people come to swap, not just to help the environment, but also to help each other. Some families just don't have that much and it's important to help people and families, also BEFORE they end up homeless.

Homeless people never show up to our events, and I'm thinking now that we could do a better job of advertising them to shelters and the newspaper that is written and distributed mostly by homeless people.

Maybe we need to do events like these as well, but my hope would be that BOTH the homeless, the privileged and everyone in between could feel comfortable giving to each other at a swap market and see the joy that spreads from sharing and giving. Credits: Original By The Street Store.