This Baby Fell Into The Pool. But What's Really Amazing Is How He Saves Himself

This is something all parents should want to do for their children, who would want to loose a child to drowning & have to live with the knowledge they failed to protect him through lessons like this!!

Kinda scary to watch, but I realize it was all planned to encourage people to teach their kids this life saving technique.

Drowning is a huge concern for parents with small children. Apparently, in 18 states drowning is the number one cause of death in children under 5.

Fortunately, concerned parents have a hugely viable option available to them, and it's called ISR (Infant Swim Rescue). A child taught ISR can successful flip themselves face-side up and maintain this position to avoid drowning.

Seeing it in action is pretty wild. So, check it out!
Credits: Sfglobe