I learned this simple tip years ago, and it has helped keep my kids alive.

Tragic accidents like these happen far too often. One small fix can prevent them.

To get straight to the life-saving tips, watch the video below. But be warned: Although it's not real and uses a dummy version of a child to make a very serious point, it still feels pretty jarring.

Credits: Upworthy

Now that you know, do something!

If you have small children, check your furniture and TVs and anchor any that could be unstable.

My husband and I did exactly that when we became parents — not because we were intuitive, but because I got lucky and saw an article about the danger. I'm so grateful, because my daughter turned out to be a climber. She could have been a statistic.

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Knowledge is power. And in this case, it's big — enough to keep kids alive and uninjured.