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Eric Palonen uploaded this video of Josie reprimanding her Grandma Mimi for using foul language.

Josie begins by insisting that she’s not talking to anyone — well, not Mimi at least.

“I’m not talking to you anymore guys, because I’m really upset.”

When asked why, Josie explains that she’s had just about enough of Mimi’s bad words.

“She said a bad word to me.”

After explaining what Mimi said and insisting it’s not funny despite being surrounded by giggles, Josie reveals she is feeling slightly traumatized by the situation. Her solution for recovering (after telling mom and dad)?

‘”I’m going to go home, take a rest…” Uh oh. Looks like Grandma Mimi is going to have some explaining to do…

Credits: Liftbump

Although plenty of thriving dancers from today’s generation learn the art of swing dancing, but the true masters of this style of dancing are the old folk!

Take this fun-loving pair, for example. Back in their day, they showed up any couple on the dance floor with their incredible moves. Today, their proving they still have what it takes to make an audience go wild!

When they walk onto the dance floor, no one anticipated what was to come. As soon as the music begins to play, their all moves- moves you’ve never even seen before! Looks like they still have what it takes to make our jaws drop!
Credits: damn

Obviously they are not considered eldery as they appear on stage but the acting was definitely entertaining - great dancers!

There is nothing quite like the expression a child gives when they see what their parents do for a living. In fact, seeing a parent in the workplace is considered an important step in childhood development, as it fosters a desire to contemplate what they want to be when they grow up. At some point, children want to take after their parents and contribute to society by pursuing a career, often in something that has always interested them.

In this video, a little boy watches as a train goes by. The train is owned and operated by Norfolk Southern, but what makes it so special is that his dad is the engineer. The dad waves to his son, and as the son realizes who is driving, his expression of delight will melt your heart.
Credits: YouTube | Wimp

You know that game Taboo where you have to get people to guess a word but you can't use certain words as clues? This is just like that but with MUCH HIGHER STAKES. I am so not OK with government censoring words or phrases just because it doesn't want to deal with them. That's ridiculous.

I know some of us are super convinced that climate change is real, and others of us still want more proof. Hopefully, no matter where you are on that spectrum, we can all agree that repressing freedom of speech just to squelch concepts we’re uncomfortable with is NOT OKAY. So many of us still believe wholeheartedly in the tenets America was founded on, and this feels like a real betrayal of those by Rick Scott.

What industries make billions off of stuff that causes climate change? Which of those industries also fund Rick Scott?

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." — Voltaire

Tragic accidents like these happen far too often. One small fix can prevent them.

To get straight to the life-saving tips, watch the video below. But be warned: Although it's not real and uses a dummy version of a child to make a very serious point, it still feels pretty jarring.

Credits: Upworthy

Now that you know, do something!

If you have small children, check your furniture and TVs and anchor any that could be unstable.

My husband and I did exactly that when we became parents — not because we were intuitive, but because I got lucky and saw an article about the danger. I'm so grateful, because my daughter turned out to be a climber. She could have been a statistic.

Give someone else the ability to keep their kids safe. Share this!

Knowledge is power. And in this case, it's big — enough to keep kids alive and uninjured.

This is amazing even though it looks like a beached manatee.

Not all design has to be beautiful, just beautifully brilliant. This concrete structure can be used after natural disasters or for humanitarian crises. The applications for this idea are endless.

Assuming you will have electricity available to blow this thing up, but generators can be plugged into car adapters with enough power.
Credits: damn